The mind is like a light bulb

Every thought expresses either love or fear; there is no in-between ACIM

I love the Course in Miracles, it makes you focus on your thoughts and I have learnt that your thoughts create your reality. What you think about manifests itself into reality, that’s really the law! The lesson is pointing out that no thought can be dismissed as trivial, and no thought is neutral. So what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about what you don’t what? See what happens, pay attention!

Off to see my grandma in South, we have these intense conversations around the kitchen table while she makes and then I eat my favourite food! Bake!! (a type of bread). I am very privileged to have my 82 year old granma still here, still feisty and still cooking the bestest food ever!!!

Here I go, thinking my world into reality!

What are you thinking about?

TD Jakes says you’re a thought away from the life that you want to live



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