Life lessons we don't get to skip

We don’t get to choose the lessons, what we get to choose is how graciously were going to learn the lessons; ultimately we are all learning the same thing just in different schools, for example we can learn discipline through sports, chemistry class etc we get to choose whether we get them in the gutter or in the mountain top.

Life’s lessons we do not get to skip Deborah L Johnson

I am now intrigued by Dr Robin’s Smith new work! In her book Hungry, The Truth About A Satisfied Soul- she really brought some home truths for me to the forefront of my mind.  Dr Smith was riding high in life with a thriving practice as a psychologist, regular appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show, a weekly radio programme and bestselling books and then it all came to a grinding halt.  She talks about throughout her life she had always focused on living to everyone’s else expectations, doing everything they asked everything they recommended in the hopes that by pleasing others that she would find fulfilment and please herself. Instead she found herself spiritually and emotionally starved and this reflected in what happened in her life! She talks about fighting to get her voice into the room to break the cycle of silence- her tendency to inflate and trust the voices of others over her own. The book is about awakening and becoming conscious about your thoughts feelings and actions and this is why it resonated with me so much!

I identified with her hunger! I was there! Spiritually and emotionally hungry! Bordering on famine trying to fill up myself on scraps until the Universe said her no more! Fill yourself up with your own joy and see what happens, it will multiply! Trust the process! Tell the truth – TO YOURSELF about what you deeply long for want and need and then make a choice!

“ I proudly own the ups and down’s of my own life and rejoice in my own healing”

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, and shouts at us in our pain, its his mega phone to rouse the deaf........ sometimes he just has to get that loud”

What are you hungry for?

What are you playing deaf to?

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