Checking  in with some photos! The beat goes on today!
Have a great weeknd peeps!

What did I learn today? I’m in New Orleans at the 20th Essence Festival! It’s hotttt and it’s scorching as well!  I sat today taking in all the speakers and  I realised that The elders spoke of the race not being for the swift
The speedy
The, gimme gimme more
The, I want it now
The, I want to use all of it now

And I also believe that the race is not equally for the:

The lazy

The put off’ers

The not now

The I want it all but want to do nothing

No, the race is for those who face chaos with calm

It is for those who never forget that they are blessed

It is for those who never stop giving thanks

It is for those who find peace, comfort and tranquillity within the stillness

Those who make decisions based what people think

The followers

It is for those who find inspiration within the stillness

It is for those who show up, everyday, on purpose, on love, the courageous solutionaries!

Essence 2014- empowerment and upliftment- I got some work to do!



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