New Orleans Day 3

Give yourself some adventure, some achievement, some fellowship, learning, exhilaration, and other great moments of experience. Give yourself the benefit of working with discipline and focus to tackle a meaningful challenge. Ralph Marston

The place is hottttt!! I mean close to 40 degrees! Sun is out, people are out, energy is high! I'm having a mini meltdown. Confession time on the journey! I am feeling pretty intimidated now! why? famous authors, world class ones, top speakers, world class ones are here! I haven't moved much, stuck in my own head! This morning I woke up and said ok you wanted  this all the time so here it is! what's up baby girl? Baby girl said I'm scared hun! Why? What if it happens? What if you get it? Then things will change. Well baby girl, things are changing all the time so handle yuh stories please! So here I go today with love and compassion for myself knowing that whatever happens I will handle it!
Stay tuned!


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