Make room for the new

You cannot hold onto the old all the while
declaring that you want something new.
The old will defy the new;
the old will deny the new;
the old will decry the new.

There is only one way to bring in the new.
You must make room for it Neale Donald Walsh

So yesterday I was talking about adventure, and just how the Universe responds I have been having an adventure of a day! Woke up as normal did my meditation and journal writing and was about to write the blog and the electricity was gone! I started getting flashbacks of Kampala! I called the company, they told me that I was cut for non payment of my bill! What?? But I paid the bill last week through online banking! Sorry but you did not pay the current bill. But I haven't received the bill! Sorry but if you have any queries you can take it up with the customer service department in St James! I stood there feeling like a dummy! Ok this ought to not happen again, especially since my house has turned into a pit stop on a couple of people's journey!  So I vowed, this is the first, last and never again time! I get to the electricity company and they were sympathetic to my plight but I had to pay the balance of the bill and reconnection fee. Still feeling like I failed myself I went by my favourite nuts man- the guy who sells raw nuts in Port of Spain, he dishes out some nice nuts as well as some insightful commentary! I ask for my nuts and in his usual tone "Aye babygirl, what's going on with you today, like something on your mind" Wow! I love my nuts man! I told him like I have been making some choices that aren't the best ones! What do you mean he asked! So as we stood there talking I was listening to him, in between it all he said, "baby girl, you have to speak up for yourself, you have to not be afraid of what other people think of you, be respectful but stop hotting up your head, take a discount on these nuts and go home" LOL!
I love learning, you just never know where the lessons come from!


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