Don't chase ideals

One of my friends told me that I was being harsh and inflexible on a particular issue! When he said it I was struck silent! Why? because he was right! I have been silently being a passive aggressive coward not saying anything and acting out by being harsh and inflexible! I said wow, you know what? you are right! He responded, please girlfriend you are only human! Don't even beat up on yourself!

Don't chase ideals: Whatever perfection you see out there isn't real. In everything there is pain because in everything there is change and when there is change, there's longing, attachment and loss. 
Chela Davidson

I was at first ashamed to have acted like such a jerk but at the same time I was proud to not take a defensive position and cuss his tail out!!

Have you ever been there? Where someone tells you something and you know that you know that they are right? Then you have to decide, ok how do I respond? notice I said respond and not react? Responding is an empowered choice, reacting is usually not!

So I own it and take responsibility for my actions and learn that being defensive is usually the ego wanting to take over!!


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