How do you express your very essence?

You see, unless you create a cause with your natural energy through expression, you cannot have an effect. Your energy is expressed or invested and the yield is your return in the form of visible supply. How do you express your energy? Your very Essence? John Randolph Rice

These days I have been reading John Randolph work a whole lot, he has some radical ideas about abundance and abundance consciousness and its really resonating with me as I learn more about allowing abundance into my life and into my mind! This morning as I was reading it I was thinking about how much we block our own blessings by the way we speak, think, and who we choose to surround ourselves with, and I started paying attention to me and my triggers! Its really sobering when you face yourself and at the same time its exciting because I get to learn new lessons and apply them to this one and only wonderful life that I was gifted with!
Today I was asked to be a feature speaker at a youth symposium in Princes Town, this is a town in the south of the island about one and a half hours from the capital. They are having their annual emancipation celebrations and asked me to come down and celebrate it with them! I am both excited and nervous yet grateful that I am given such a responsibility to influence young minds! So I'm ready, suit up, show up and let it go I say!!
Will let you know how it goes!


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