Thank you Grenada..

Why wait to find it in the future, or believe it has been lost already, or was never there?" . All that we need do to discover its reality is to look for it within ourselves, where it has always been ACIM

So I was asked to come to Grenada to facilitate two workshops with rural business owners, to chat with the business owners and the business support agencies! I prepared the agenda, the presentation (power point of course) the material and got there!

They took me to the venue, a beautiful part of Grenada, an once used cocoa estate where they are doing all sorts of awesome stuff like growing organic food, making goats cheese and yogurt, chocolate bars and all that lovely stuff! I ask for a projector and they tell me without batting an eye, there's none! Oh oh! No projector? Nope sorry! Time to get creative! The session actually went well, we had the opportunity to chat and get to know one another. Day 2 they come and tell me I have to change my entire delivery five minutes before the start because there is a new audience! Lessons and tests all around me!! and then just when I thought it was done I was asked to facilitate another session! Truth be told I had so much fun, I learnt that things can change on a whim, you just have to show up and be ready and have faith that you can contribute something to the party!!

So thank you Grenada, thank you Denyse and her crew and I really really want to come back to this lovely spice island!


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