Book signing and reading tomorrow....

What you stop doing is just as important to your success as what you start doing

Planning moves ahead swiftly for Saturday, this is the first time that I will be without my crew who handles everything and my mother is also out of the country!
I saw yesterday all the hard work that they do behind the scenes to ensure that each event runs smooth! I went to the planning meeting yesterday and was like wow! I give thanks to my crew big time! So new experience, getting a stand in team, learning about the logistics and then showing up and showing out! I'm ready, I'm excited and I am grateful

So my question to you is, how many people behind the scenes contribute to you and your show, making it awesome? Your "show" can be your job, your home life, an event. How many times have you taken for granted the team? You just show up?
The importance and the value of the backup singers in the show is immense! Lesson learnt!


Come down if you can!!


  1. Once again I get to see you shine. Though this time differently and brighter.


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