Cultivate a longer view of time: Forget 'getting somewhere in a year', build your life's work. Chela Davidson

One more book signing under my belt, brutally honest, every time I do one of these I'm sooooo nervous! So I tried something new this time I read from the book! Never did a reading in the past 5 that I have done and just as I predicted, started to cry! OMG! I was crying and I cry ugly, lips quivering, nose running the works!!! I kept telling myself get it together, get it together! I managed to pull it off but boy oh boy I had to pull out all the lessons! Don't judge yourself, be you, be compassionate to yourself!

I had a really good time despite the ugly cry! The crowd was brilliant! Two old work colleagues showed up and that topped it off for me! I haven't seen one of them in years and I kept promising to see her and it never happened! She looked great! mellow and calm compared to last time we met! Always had a soft spot for her!
The staff at the library was awesome!!!  I am really so grateful to be able to do this, do what I love!
On to the next one!!!



  1. The reading was great and you were great. It was good seeing you. Don't worry, you weren't the only one with tears....


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