Step out on faith, eyes wide open

If you pay attention you will always get the signs, pay attention! Learn to read your body, when you are restricted and constricted, pay attention to your gut, I don’t care what the facts say, when your gut says something aint right, it aint! And step out on faith, eyes wide open!

Last night I went to see a documentary movie called Fela! Fela  Kuti is a Nigerian musician icon who was a revolutionary in every sense of the word! He stood for justice in a time where Nigeria was going through a civil war, he had 27 wives, he employed people who were considered unemployable! The guy was totally himself without fear or favour! What I learned last night is that being you, whole and totally you changes the world! It just does. You use your gift, you are free, you life becomes a demonstration of what is possible! When you are following and doing status quo you deny your own self the joy of living a full and free life! When you are doing you, you create history, a legacy! When you following and just going along you create but not to the fullest!
So there was a moment in the film I was able to just get so clear and I heard my gut, my inner voice saying live and do you, be free, and it will not be easy but it will be worth it! Live your OWN life! Live it with freedom, joy and love not what people tell you that you ought to be doing!
How are you living your life?


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