Best Week Ever - Day 6 NiNa Vacation Programme

Take your sweet time and be easy with yourself. There is no place you “should” be. The experience you’re in is exactly where you’re meant to be, because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be happening Yeradmi

Confessions on the Journey - I avoid uncomfortable situations, confrontation, arguments, anything I think that would lead to one. And just like that I was smack dab in the middle of one with tears and accusations and boundaries being crossed. 
One of the volunteers accused the other girls of stealing their school ring, it turned into a little bit of a drama and I was told to call the police. I decided against that, tempers flared, tears flowed and I had to say something.
I walked outside, took a deep breath and asked for guidance from the Universe, I cannot remember what I said now, I just remember I was crying! I said to myself - be honest, the truth corrects all mistakes in our minds. And that is the approach I took, we had a discussion about it, cleared the air, it proved to me that I can approach the discomfort, breathe and be honest and true and respectful and loving and compassionate with how I approach any situation
These young ladies made me so proud this week, it was one of the best weeks I have had in ages, the most rewarding, emotional, fun time- so happy to have had the support of my friends like Keisha, Avinash, Patricia, Kheson, Keron, Shivonne, Denis, Tonia, Mr Gibbs and whoever I forgot I apologise- all love!
Give thanks


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