Use this truth to catch your breath: This pain WILL end.

Declare. Breathe. Move. Forward. Toward the truth.

(PS…For real. The pain will end. You’re going to get through it.) Danielle La Porte

Whatever is happening right now, as crazy as it may seem, is happening FOR you, not TO you!
I know, I know, it doesn't seem that way when the bills are piling up, the roof is leaking, the relationship has lost its va va voom, the job feels like a whole hell or maybe there is no love prospects in sight
But it is true, it is happening for you and when the mindshift sets in it becomes clear that it is an opportunity for some type of growth but it is also to move you forward
You get to choose- all the time.

I have learnt to raise the vibration - in a healthy way of course. To feel the feelings, they are guides, feel it and not live in it
Spend a day in bed
Spend a day in nature
Listen to some dope music
Call a friend who makes you laugh
Look at children playing
Walk in the grass
Cry or bawl your eyes out
but know
This too shall pass


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