Day 2 - NiNa Vacation Programme

You made a mistake, that does not mean that you are a mistake- Marianne Willamson

As I walked into the room I saw Fashah, she seemed a little subdued chatting with the other young ladies. I was surprised to see her as she was supposed to be in Court today. Her Court date was set for this morning but yet she was here. We started off the morning with a yoga practice. She said loudly, I do not want to do Yoga, I will just sit on the mat.Sure no problem
And it started, the noise, the talking while yga was happening
I asked her after, what happened to court, she said it was postponed, that was scary and uncertain, and so this was her way of showing the uncertainty,
She nor anyone would discuss what the Court date was about, there was discussion on how she gets to court, in a van with a cell
There was talk about being in jail
There was talk about - it is what it is
But nothing about the why
She is bubbly, naturally friendly and loving, at 15 years old, why would court, and jail and police be a part of her vocabulary? I have no idea
But it got to me
She asked me to go for a drive, the answer was no, her face looked like no was a normal response.
There was no permission granted for her to leave to go with me
I was just as disappointed as she was.
But I get to go home after
I get to go home everyday after I make a mistake
What happens to you after you make a mistake?


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