Day 1 NiNa Vacation Programme

changing the world isn't a solo feat - heavy hearts, dirty hands, bruised knees, stained egos. the work is in giving, the work is the love. Joel Leon

Today was I can say without a doubt one of the best days of my life. No, there was no fan fare or ringing of bells, it was simply a combination of a dream being realised which involved a lot of love and service and support
The NiNa Programme kicked off its Vacation Sessions with 12 "at risk" women. It was the most fun and fulfilling thing that I have done is a very long time. The support was tremendous, the vibrations were high and the lessons kept coming
For the next six days we will be spending time together working on business ideas, listening to motivational speakers, building a team and having fun!
Two years in the making and well worth the wait


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