Show up for Life

This idea of "is it convenient". We have this thing that things must always be convenient.
Life comes from out of the blue
Show up... For Life
There is no convenient time for Life Marianne Williamson

That moment when the penny drops, when you get it! when you literally say AHA! As I was heading to Cumana, a lovely village with the most breathtaking of beaches and rivers this week and I stopped at a random beach, I just got out and stood on the sand and the rocks watching the sun rise and the light show on the water and there it was. there was the moment I realised that I was scared of moving ahead, I was scared of doing some of the things I would do before because of fear. I stopped saving, I stopped looking at life from an abundance perspective because I am afraid of losing it all based on what happened a few years ago when I did "lose" those things. But now, the difference is that I am doing it for me, I am doing it because I know I can, I am doing it from a place of enoughness rather than for others and for show
I sat there and felt a level of peace that passes all understanding
I can do this! I can change my mind and leave all the fear behind and take full responsibility for my actions and only when I take full responsibility then and only then can I make any changes.
Fear of the past and history is never a good reason for not doing something now


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