Start with Yes

So many times I ask people what they want... and a few things usually happen.
1. They lead with what they DON'T want.
2. They don't know what they DO want.
3. If they do know what they want... they are SUPER vague about it.
So... the shift is...
Focus on what you DO want... and be specific about it. Mastin Kipp 

Confessions on the Journey - I'm tired of people talking about what they cannot do, of the  excuses they make for not living their dreams, of the defeatist self talk, of copping out. I am tired of it because its such a lie, it is not really true, it is a big fat piece of lie. 

I'm tired of people forgetting of the magnificence of who they are, of people looking at others doing their thing and saying it was easy because they have money or support or yada yada yada. 
I'm tired of it
Everyday we see examples of people doing their thing, despite their circumstances.
Everyday we meet people who, aren't on the news, but doing their thing.
Everyday music is made, books are written, plays are launched, students graduate, mothers make babies, new surgeries and   solutions for diseases are found, great things happen by normal people just showing up, doing the work, believing in themselves and coming out of their comfort zone
So, spare me please! Spare me the excuses, the BS, the moaning, the complaining
Spare me with the forgeting 
Spare me with it
Because you can
You really can



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