Five Things I No Longer Waste Time Doing or Worrying Over

Being ourselves requires that we get it wrong sometimes. And being ourselves is basically the key to everything we want. Maxie

As a recovering people pleaser, I have made the decision here and now to literally stop doing these 5 things:

1. Make a decision based on what "people would say" because it may look bad. - How many times I have stopped or even did not even start doing something that I want to do because of my worry about what others would say'? Too many. It ends now - Fyah bun that!

2. Go to an event because "someone told me that an Important person will be there that I should meet" - Not doing that either

3. I am no longer worrying about eating something that I like because I will "get fat" or "gain weight" - I'm done with that as well - everything in moderation

4. Sugarcoating the truth - Say it kindly, just say it. 

5. Not starting until "it" is perfect - I am starting, there is nothing left to discuss, I will learn along the way and correct!

What's your top 5?



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