Words I Must Eliminate from My Vocabulary

Words are powerful forces of nature. they are destruction. they are nourishment. they are flesh. 
they are water.they are flowers and bone. they burn. they cleanse 
they erase. they etch.  Sonober Khan

I'm going all out, taking a leap and eliminating these that I believe keep me from being the best me and the best  me is required to do the work that I know I am here in this moment to do

1. I can't - Classic - and guess what boo? "Yes You Can"

2. I cannot afford it - another classic- reword it when it hits your brain before it leaves your mouth - these words are now gone- Dueces!

3. Should - Don't should on yourself, on other people and don't let people should on you! - Its a judgement - I hereby now release all judgements

4. I'm trying - I am doing or I am not doing- I don't trust the term "I'm trying" too easy to wiggle out and said - oops at least I tried - Just do

5. I'm trying ah ting! - what the hell does that mean? I'm banishing this term immediately

6. I'm broke - another one which requires rewiring and rewording because yes, every word adn thought is a prayer and all prayers are answered

7. I don't have the time - hellllooooo - you mean I don't want to do it, I don't want to make the time and I am not interested in making it a priority - keep it real will ya?

8. I don't have the money - it's called fear and lack and laziness really!

9. Those people made me do it - are you a robot? 

10. It's just the way I am, I cannot change - this one is total and utter bollocks- we change everyday, life is about change, stop using this as an excuse for not moving, growing,living. Are you a robot?

Share some of yours, let's chat


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