love is sometimes shown in the things you don't say

 love is sometimes shown in the things you don't say, 
don't keep track of and don't notice.  Neale Donald Walsh

We like to "give advice" it's just what human's do I think it is a combination of wanting to help, wanting feel useful, sometimes wanting to not be embarrased (especially if one's offspring or partners are involved) or just plain old being nosey. There are many reasons
I have a tendency to do that- big time
Someone starts a story and I jump on the soapbox- right away!
I have now put a system in place to keep me in check

1. Did they ask you?
2. Are you really listeneing?
3. Is what you are going to say kind?
4. Have you had ANY experience WHATSOEVER in the situation?
5. Are you judging?

Those are my internal questions when I am really paying attention to what someone is giving me a story to avoid the soap box syndrome
Sometimes people just want to talka dn vent, sometimes all that is required is listening, sometimes all that is required is letting it go, sometimes all that is required is love

According to the Course in Miracles, learing best takes place in a non judgemental forum, if one is being bullied, criticised, and hated upon, learning is unsustainable

So, before you jump to give the advice, ask yourself - what is the intention behind this? Love wins everytime!



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