Rise Up

The Universe will not support you in minimizing yourself. Rise Up- Marianne Williamson

I came accross a Facebook Vid yesterday. Awakening One Million. The message resonated with me so much that I stopped dead in my tracks.

The vid said " every thought, every single one you think is a prayer it is a request to the Universe" It demonstrates what you believe about yourself and about your life. Here is the thing- all prayers are answered in some way so when you think, you pray

1. This is hard
2. I can't do this
3. I am alone and I don't have anybody
4. I'm broke
4. I'm tired of this

You pray that pray and it gets answered

How about that?

This is hard is a prayer - it gets answered with yes it is! 
How about rephrasing this to I can do this despite the challenge - the answer to the prayer is - yes you can do this

I am broke - the answer is yes you are! thank you

What am I thinking right now? That is a call to the Universe
how awesome is that? So much power, so much responsibility, so much love
what am I doing with it?
what are we doing with all this power, love and responsibility?


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