Easy Ecuador - Day 7

"When you feel healthy and well rested, you are better able to remain centred, even in the face of resistance and challenges" Alicia M Rogriguez

This morning Napo and I walked to the beach. I met Napo here he is an energy healer and shamaan. I was quite intrigued to talk to him as what he does is so totally "Un Western" if that's a word! My Spanish is piss poor and his English is about the same so it was quite an interesting conversation. After spending an hour with him I totally got it! It's amazing how we can communicate using very little words or even different languages
I learnt about cleaning my energy and how important doing that is
I learnt about stillness and silence and taking the time to do that
I learnt about exercise - how that helps energies
I learnt that the Universe sends what we need right on time once we are open to it

I learnt, most of all, to keep an open mind, all things don't have to make sense to me and I certainly don't know everything.


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