Do you listen to your Internal critic?

Everyone has a different version of an internal critic, and anyone who tells you that they are "fearless" and that they no longer have internal criticisms total denial. Kate Courageous 

I have an internal critic - Confessions on the Journey!
That internal voice that speaks or sometimes shouts at me about...let's see
1. My weight
2. Did I say My weight?
3. Managing money
4. Did I say managing money?
5. How long my goals are taking to manifest

There are other ramblings, but the ones stated above, are on rotation.
What I have learnt however is,
 I can hear the voice, answer and not let it run my life. I can hear it and not act or not act on it.
I invite it in, I ask the voice "is what you are saying true?"
I ask "who told you this to tell me?"
I ask "what are you here to show me that's useful"
(PS - if you are going to ask - don't ask it out loud in the company of others, trust me!)
then I move forward.
Is it easy? Nope
Is it worth it? Yup!
This approach has saved me not just unnecessary stress, but it continually pushes me out of my comfort zone. 
 I have also learnth that - Out of comfort zone is where the lessons and the fun is! 

So, accept that there will be a voice, it may be a tad bit critical, it may be extremely critical, it may be stressing you out but it is really up to you what you do with the chatter!
Make up a system to cope 
Just don't let it run you

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