Self Conscious?

self-consciousness is the assassin of intimacy. And lying is born of self-consciousness. People lie because they worry about what you're going to think. They lie because they are afraid of how you are going to perceive them. They lie because they are self-conscious.  Stacy Herrera

Self Consciousness as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary is "uncomfortably conscious of oneself as an object of the observation of others"

I wanted to break this down for my own understanding. Confessions on the journey I have been feeling quite self conscious over the last few days.It is indeed an uncomfortable feeling!

"as an object of the observation of others" - this is really the part that floored me. The uncomfortable feeling comes because  of the observation of others, it may not even be factual! 
Sometimes, we make up stories, we compare ourselves, we listen to people who do not know us, we listen to feedback that comes from a space and mindset of fear or status quo then we process it and start feeling uncomfortable, we start reacting to it by how we behave.
Gentle reminder to self:
1. Set Your Own Standards - High! And then  aim to meet them. If you have no standards, get some
2. Believe in yourself - or who's gonna???
3.Show up ready and prepared - armed with your high standards and self belief
4. Keep an open mind - we realy do not know everything!
5. Keep going - it takes courage to slay the doubts
6. Love yourself through it all - your self talk is important
7. Do the work

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