Who is In Your Corner?

Who is In Your Corner? Kate Courageous

This morning I had the absolute honor and priveledge to be invited on to Hearbeat Radio for Women with the Lovely Natacha Jones, Candy and Lisa McLean of MomsConnect to discuss their upcoming Monther's Day event at More Vino South and to chime in on the question "Does it Take A Village?"
I love these conversations because it allows for so many different points of views to be heard and expanded upon.

The conversation really hasd me reflecting on who is in my village.
Who is in your village?
Are they there by default? Did you choose them? Will they remain? Are you even in their village?
And why is this even important?
I think for me, having a safe space is my village, one where I can just be! Where I can unfurl. Where I can fail forward, make mistakes minus the judgement but adding in the constructive loving feedback

Do we just keep people in the village by default? Or do we choose?
Do we feel safe in our village?
Do we have fun in our village?
Do we expand in our village
Ask yourself and then get down to the business of building one because it really does take a village


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