Spicing up The Spice Isle - Day 3

the reality is, I want to share my work in a BIG way! And I want to be brave enough to step out on the edge with the hard stuff. That means my chances of messing up are high, so instead of avoiding the hard, scary stuff, I’ve got to be willing to stay open and learn from others. Sara Alvarado

Fear - what a hell of a thing! I keep myself in a box because of fear, this feeling reared it's head here on the Spice Isle in two instances
I walked to the beach, I mean out of a post card, white sands, blue water, empty beach, I looked at it lovingly but I would never step in the water! It scares me shitless!
When I was younger I almost drowned twice, the feeling of helplessness, I never let it go. It still lives within me, on top of that, I have a fear of wearing a swimsuit, yup there it is, I said it! I feel soooooo naked and judged, I know I know It is all me and in my head, still holding on to those fears which has me missing out on white sandy beaches all over the world!
The other fear, a woman told me at the workshop yesterday that she uses the TedTalk that I had the absolute priveledge delivering and What Did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love - the book that I also had to absolute priveledge in writing - as part of her tools when she delivers programmes to young ladies. It blew me away and I got scared too. What if it does not help them? Wht if they rebel against using it? What if, What if, What if!
If I want my message and journeys shared I must be willing to step out of these comfort zones, so with you, what boxes are you still in because of fear? In what ways are you holding yourself back?
After processing all the what if's in my mind - that took about 3 minutes, I told her thank you and smiled. 


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