New Naratives on Being Strong

I used to think strong meant being tough, cold, hard, but I know now that that type of strength is a mask I used to cover up my fears and insecurities. Being strong has a lot more to do with softness than what I was originally brought up to believe Alexix Johnson

The image I had of a strong woman was one who never cried or showed emotions in front of others, can take multiple hits (life setbacks) and still remain standing and of course, look like a diva while at it.

I myself wanted to live up to that image

What I have learnt is, I can be soft and strong at the same time
I have learnt that vulnerability is strength and showing up real takes an enormous level of courage

Women are nurturers, we have the intuition thing down pact! The emotions we have are natural guides, to surpress that? for what?
I don't need a definition of some far away TV land of what strong is and this is a different time! I don't have to pretend to be a robot and not show emotion to anyone in the name of being strong! 
If being strong means hiding feelings, and supressing my true self then it's not for me!
So, do you have your own definition of what strong is>
Share it with us

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