Your Purpose Brings You Joy

Everybody's purpose will not be there job, your purpose may not make you money. Some of us will have it as a job and some of us will not.Your purpose is what makes you joy. Iyanla Vanzant

Many times on the journey I am asked the question "how do I find my purpose?"
or "how can my purpose make me money?"

Somehow purpose and loads of  money have been linked. we have started believing that once we find our purpose that we become wealthy, we become problem free, we become famous. Am...newsflash life continues. I will admit life will be more fulfilling when one knows their purpose and yes the money comes. However it is not an automatic pill! There is still work to be done, discipline to be brought to the fore, and belief in self to be demonstrated.

What I have learnt is,
1. We don't have to FIND our purpose- we know it. We have to believe, we have to bring it to the fore, we have to move forward and be obedient when we get the nudgings from the Universe.

2. The execution of your purpose is linked to your beliefs- if we believe in lack, limitation, how it looks to others, external validation then executing our purpose becomes even more challenging. If we have a strong self belief the purpose manifests itself in reality. Maybe not how we would like it to look. Be open to something new.

3. Your purpose may not bring you an award or loads of money, but it will bring you joy and an inner peace.

4. Get still and know- stop looking at other people, other circumstances, and go within.

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