Are you willing to be yourself?

Are you courageous enough to live the truth of your desires without fear?  This is what will determine your freedom.  . . .  More important, once you are clear about the experience you want to have, you are free to make the choices that will result in your having that experience.

The key to changing the world, to changing your life, and to empowering those around you is authenticity - the willingness to be yourself - the willingness to be vulnerable - the willingness to feel - the willingness to live – Pananche Desai

This morning the NiNa programme started another cycle. I started this programme a few years ago, the thinking behind it was to introduce an entrepreneurial culture and thinking particularly in young ladies between the ages of 15 and 19, showing that entrepreneurship and business ownership is also an option, we focus on real stories, real challenges, real people, more than just looking at the theory and what the book says! I cannot tell you how much joy this brings me, to see how this programme has evolved over the time it began! I had zero dollars, not a cent but I had a vision and a dream and some wonderful people who believed in me and supported my vision, up to this day they support me in many ways! The girls have gotten scholarships, the participants have opened businesses, they have developed a confidence in themselves, started thinking independently and sideways, one may say outside the box and now we start again!
Love spending time with the participants, I learn so much!

I was willing to be myself, to be vulnerable, to get into the arena and get bloody and I am so happy that I did!
What are you willing to feel and do?
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