Finished the race!

Be like free flowing water accepting no limitations, flowing over all obstacles as it rushes to join the ocean, from whence it came Neale Donald Walsh

I finished the race! Now trust me when I tell you it was tough!! I made the first 3k's fine and then as I turned the corner I saw the hill, that hill looked like a mountain I tell you!! But what did I learn, you tell yourself something and you start believing it, running is a mind thing more than a physical thing! I kept telling myself, you got this chick, you got this, do you know who you are? Yes you better act like you know who are! Just as I hit the hill the legs said to me, no chance buddy! No chance you are running up this in pain! I stopped to walk! So the legs and mind was having a fight over the Long Circular Road in Port of Spain, people started passing me, I was hearing in my mind, how can you let them pass you? I was hearing you aren't competing with them, you are competing with yourself, pay them no mind, start running, start again, I got you!
The fight continued for about one km and then it kicked in, I started running! And I made it to then end beating my best time in Uganda by seven minutes!!! I was so bloody proud of me but most importantly I know that positive self talk, belief and setting small goals help you get over the line every single time! Now if you ask me if I will do a ten k race anytime soon the answer will be an automatic NO!!! LOL! Been there and done that!!


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