Can you have a Hard conversation?

Just start where you are! Start! Pay attention! Rev DEBORAH jOHNSON

How do you have a hard conversation? What is a hard conversation? A hard conversation is one where you know that it can either piss someone off, or one where you are afraid to have, or one that you know will change everything as it is right now, after you have it things will never be the same. A hard conversation takes you out of your comfort zone, one that you have to be totally and brutally honest. A hard conversation is one you avoid! It's one that will make you cry sometimes but it frees you

So how do you have these?
I am learning this, Why? I don't like to piss people off, I like people to like me, I am a recovering people pleaser, I like silence, I am almost afraid of my own anger!
So how do I have a hard conversation knowing all this?

I ask the Universe for guidance
I set the goals of what I want to achieve
I am honest and open
I am willing to be wrong
I do it with all the love and compassion that my heart can hold
I am willing to piss people off
and I just DO IT!

How do you have hard conversations?



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