Lessons in every situation

The only place you can be is here," said Kali. "Now, 'all you can do' is what it means to 'give it your all.'"

While I was away my mother called to let me know my cousin died! I heard what she said but it didn't make sense! I said I will deal with it when I get back! Being an only child, my cousins were like my brothers and sisters, we grew up very close in the same house and had a childhood together until the families went their separate ways, as we grew up some of us got closer and I decided to pull away from this cousin, because I didn't agree with some of his life choices!
When I heard he died, my own guilt surfaced on how I reacted to what he chose to do with his life! I stopped talking to him a long time ago just saying hi at family gatherings having been like brother and sister!
I got home just in time for the funeral and resolved to not cry! not be emotional, well scrap that, the Universe had other plans! I got there and it all came flooding back especially when they showed a slide show of us growing up and his sister stared telling stories about him!
When I got back to my grandma's house she called me upstairs and said he left a letter, a pretty long letter, since he knew that he wouldn't live beyond 40!
I couldn't finish it!But I got some lessons from the little that I took in! Live your life to the fullest, be free meaning don't let other people dictate what you do, be kind, be kind to everyone and everything! Love, tell people you love them. He said he felt like a tortured soul because he felt little love from his mother and that's all he wanted! He wanted to do his own thing and she was not having it and whatever he did was never enough and then she left him for a while to go to Canada to make a better life! As an adult he understood what she was doing - making a better life, but as a child it just felt like being abandoned!
The other thing is don't hold back the tears, let it flow, salt water is cleansing!
RIP Kofi! I've learnt from you!


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