Ten thousand flowers bloom

"Out of yesterday's rejection, onward to a new perfection, from a fire came a feel, from that feel we made the steel!  So now we children now have a form so very Trinbagonian of course! Out of a muddy pond, ten thousand flowers bloomed" David Rudder

The adventure continued yesterday, I met an old buddy of mine, known her forever, but really have to make the time to hang out with her a little more while I am In the country. We decided to go to an event just on the spot called the Unconquered series. Its a set of talks held on different topics! No clue what was about to happen!
The thing turned out just what I needed after having a day like yesterday! This young man from one of the "hot spots" in the country ( the new term for a ghetto in T&T) sought refuge from the ghetto in a pan yard. A pan yard is a place where steel pan is learnt and played. Back in the day playing the steel pan was frowned upon and considered an absolute waste of time! He loved the music and would escape from his life in there and what this young man did is use the music of steel pan to conduct music therapy! He took us through what he would do in a music therapy session and my buddy got involved by having an instrument and playing it while he made some comments etc. It was so good to see how out from a muddy pond, ten thousand flowers bloomed! The guy is of service, doing what he loves and making his path clearer and making the country a better place!
What a nice way to spend the evening!
Put things well into perspective
Love to see how people pave a path and love learning from them
What kind of path are you paving?


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