Being Bold means being responsible

Breaking through to Boldness," means empowering yourself to be the strongest version of you possible. It is not for the faint of heart, because when you break through to boldness you are accountable for your life and the choices you have made. Breaking through to boldness means that you take absolute, total, and complete responsibility for every condition in your life. Iyanla Vanzant, author and coach

I am having a conversation with the ladies, they are upset, and voices are raising. I decide  to stay quiet and listen, to pay attention, to listen. “Madam, it is not my fault, it is never my fault, I think it’s your fault”
“Someone must be blamed, someone must be blamed, and it’s not going to be me” I am still listening; I am still paying attention with an open mind. Normally, I would be jumping in ready to “defend” myself, to “make someone own up and pay”. No one blames me, are they mad?? These are the days of trying a different approach.

 Then I hear  another voice, calm and low, “we each take responsibility for our own actions every single time, there are no victims here”
How many times have I outsourced responsibility for my own actions and played a victim? How many times have I put the blame on “external things” because I refuse to take responsibility for my own actions? Many many times! And this is why I love this lesson! Take responsibility for your own actions and then make a choice! One of the best things that we humans have been given is free will, the ability to make choices. It is always up to us to make another choice! Isn’t that just simple and totally awesome?
The discussion ended and the ladies went away having been told to stop blaming people, take responsibility and every time they decide to come and blame and complain no one will listen! Find another approach before you step in the door to speak. Wow!!!

So what did I learn today?
I am the one who gets to say what happens in my life, this is based on my response to events, on my choices! No one forced me to do anything, I made the choice and the lovely thing is that I can always, always make another choice!



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