What exactly is your intent?

What is your deep intent? Is your intent to have a win-win for everybody? Is your intent to embrace your fellow human beings of all walks and stations in life as equal to you in stature and nature? Is your intent to live? Is your intent to be a harbinger of good will and an ambassador of peace? Are you willing to clear out the rubble, the weeds, the thorns, the thistles, the rocks from your own consciousness so you may create the fertile soil of Oneness to germinate and grow to complete fruition? What exactly is your intent? (Deborah L Johnson, minister)

The lessons have begun! But then life is always in session so it really never ended right?!!! So I got back all excited and rearing to go! Gender training and entrepreneurship in full force, new ideas and concepts! I come and I am throwing out the concepts and ideas like a woman possessed! I finished and the question was asked, just as Deborah Johnson said in her talk “what exactly is your intent?” Now, I for one never even thought about it on such a deep level to be brutally honest! Madam, your intent arrives before you do and you need to know what it is, don’t you? It is not only about what you plan to do but why you plan to do it, what you expect to accomplish on the back end and all the other motivating factors behind it! Now you have this thing in the west where you are driven by ambition and goals and plans no matter what! You are trained to put a your worth and growth on your own personal achievement, and that’s all very fine however, it many times leaves you striving for more and more and leaves you unfulfilled and your soul in anxiety! Let me tell you this, it is more important for your intent to be pure than for your goals to be met. Digest that for a moment!
So what did I learn today?
Intent is the master key! Hidden agendas and personal “accomplishment” at all costs you may feel is not known by the people you interact with but it exudes through your pores! The intent of your action reflects in the results! It is more important that you allow yourself to be pulled by your vision that pushed by your fear and selfish ambitions.



  1. Hey
    The funny thing is that you know what your intention it. You are clear about it. The question is what makes you leave it home? Maxine


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