There is only one of us here!

One of the roots of unhappiness is telling yourself that you are better than others, that you do not do what others do, or that you are incapable of their negative actions. You’re not. None of us is incapable of any negative action because we are all made up of the same ingredients. In fact, pretty soon, we start believing we can strike up our own bargains with God. Here’s a popular one: If I am a good person and do everything right, nothing bad will happen to me. After all, I’m special and entitled. Carolyn Myss author

In Trinidad and where I spent most of my life the population is very cosmopolitan, you can see any and all types living together and loving one another! It is something that I thought was just the norm and possibly even took it for granted! I mention this because I am now living in a society that has a number of tribes and tribal loyalty is fierce!! In Uganda there are 56 tribes and they all have their own unique culture and language! 
There was a situation on the base yesterday, it seems that this has been brewing for a while where some of the team members are overly aggressive to one another. So I am minding my own business and I hear loud voices it seemed like something was about to kick off!!  I decide to go and ask what’s going on and was told that’s a tribal thing! Huh?
I did not understand! I asked for some clarification and there and then I was given a earful on the tribes, which ones are superior, better, lower, different and how they are “supposed to be” treated!

My suggestion to them was “can we try a different way of resolving conflict?” everyone looked at me like I was from outta space!The illusion of separation, the cause of so many of the challenges and battles of this world!

So what did I learn today?
There is only one of us here! We all came from one source! I am more than my brother’s keeper, I am my brother! With that thinking I move through life knowing that harming and hurting anyone is really doing the same to me!  I’ve learnt to make a choice and  move on when things are dishonouring me, rather than react in a way which is threatening to all and sundry! Transcendence by choice! It is so much more peaceful, I read somewhere that love your neighbour thing! Its serious!!



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