You will land on your feet!

Take risks. Purposefully put yourself outside your comfort zone and focus on the knowledge that you WILL land on your feet. Oprah Winfrey

So I have just concluded the first leg of my journey, Kampala to London! Second leg is London to Port of Spain. First leg went pretty well, I decided to get to the airport early given the fact that to check in to the Kampala airport takes time, there are numerous police checks, and they are no joke!!

Flying into London always brings back memories, I spent the majority of my adult life in the city so it is almost like a second home to me and I have some really good friends here too who are very welcoming and accomodating. What was evident to me when I arrived was not just the bloody freezing weather but the way I felt! Have you ever had that feeling of comfort but your heart didn't sing? I said wow this is how I felt living here. I was comfortable but there was something missing! The proverbial comfort zone, where I have learnt that it's where you rest, not where you live!

When you are in your comfort zone, you don't even bother to try new things, to take risks, its routine, no rocking of the boat, if it ain't broke right? Then what happens, your heart and head starts clashing and you are more times than others forced to choose! The heart always wins!!! Even when you choose your head, therein, lies the battle!!

So what did I learn today?

When you let go of everything you think you know and just trust,life has a way of working itself out that's better than you could ever imagine. I thought I would have been in London for a long long time but here I am in Uganda and happy like pappy! I'm gonna reaquaint myself with some of my London love's- Marks and Spencer here I come!!!


  1. I had no clue that there was a M&S in Trini...will it is soo closer & much more manageable financially to travel to Trinidad than to hit England...Shopping possibilities for 2014...LoL

    1. Lol..Ignore my comment seems that i read your piece when I was half asleep..I see now that it was the original M&S in UK that you where heading to...dwl. lets lobby for a Caribbean M&S...Yeah!!


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