Lessons from Home

"When you welcome your emotions as teachers, every emotion brings good news, even the ones that are painful" Gary Zukav, best selling author

I made it to Trinidad and Tobago, my country! It's been a blast so far seeing family and friends and just being here around a time when the energy and vibe in the country is so high being Carnival time.


Let me be brutally honest here, coming home has raised some emotions, some of them heavy! Let me explain. One of the reasons I left home was because I felt that my "perfect" life fell apart and I was falling apart right along with it! Marriage blew up like a fire in a petrol station, income dried up like a drought in Africa and I was feeling that nothing was going right! I decided to make a move and get involved in something that is bigger than me and my problems!
Anyways, I came back and some of the emotions raised its head! It has brought along with it it's own lessons and I have learnt to pay attention as it shows me where I have healed, where I still have work to do and how much it has been a blessing to get involved in someting that takes the focus off of my "so called problems"
So, as Gary Zukav says,  I have welcomed the emotions, learnt from them and stopped beating myself up in the process!

What did I learn today?
Celebrate the good things that happen to you! It is often easier to hold onto the challenges, problems, irritations, and craziness experienced in day, and savor them like a fine dessert, instead of remembering the ways you were blessed by life.

Let the irritations go! Recognize them for what they are  spiritual teachers and life lessons put in your path to challenge your mindset and allow you to come back again and again to life...full of life!! Move ahead...look up...knowing today will be an even better day...because you are actively looking for good things to happen!



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