Go with the flow!

If liberation is a chore, it’s not really liberation. You can’t contract your way to freedom. You can’t punish your way to joy. You can’t fight your way to inner peace. Danielle La Porte

Go with the flow I was told over and over again! What does that really mean? I asked! I dont know, maybe it mean just get out of your own way, stop trying to micro manage everything and stress yourself out!

How can I do that? Just decide to do it, it’s that simple

I am supposed to leave here on Friday morning and up to now I have no ticket, no one seems bothered or concerned! Madam Akosua, its being handled we will let you know when its handled, can you just assist us and wait! But its Christmas, we may lost the seat. Well if you do you get another one! What if theres not another one? Please! Lets not get crazy now!

Relax, enjoy the week off, see the place! It will happen when it is supposed to happen!

Yesterday the compound that I live in had a party for me. I felt a little guilty because the most I say to them is hello how are you? But they told me that I invite the kids to play and to spend time with me and they appreciate how I embraced the children in the yard! I had a nice time! Lots of food and laughter! See what happens when you are just being yourself? Awesomeness all round!



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