You there - who are worthy!

There are no prerequisites  for worthiness Brene Brown

Confession time on the journey! Do you know your triggers? I am beginning to know and recognize what mine are and most times in a family setting they come up, well for most people. Families are containers for growth! Anyways, I was having a conversation with my cousin (who is really like my sister, we grew up together in the same house for most of our lives and spent most of our holidays together) so we were talking about when we were growing up and that in the time that my father was not living with us that he would send a message that he was coming to take me out for the day. My mum would dress me and I would be excited and sit there waiting for him and he would not show up for a week! So the conversation was how did this manifest in your adult life? I looked at her and said what an absolutely brilliant question! There and then the whole question of worthiness came up!

I feel that I always have to prove my worth, especially to men in my life! Some people believe that they will be super worthy if they just get that promotion, that they just write the book, that they lose ten extra pounds, that they land a particular job or liv n a particular neighbourhood or drive a certain car. They tell themselves let me just get that and I will be worthy! and they go to high heavens to achieve those things to feel worthy! But Brene Brown broke it down!!! you do not have to do ANYTHING to be worthy! How bloody awesome is that?

So the whole push for worthiness, why? Start from the point that you are worthy and move from there! I AM worthy of love, I AM worthy of a happy and harmonious relationship, I AM worthy of a life of abundance and prosperity and see how different your actions and motivations become!\

Feeling worthy yet?


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