The plane has landed!

"So you're here and you know that you made a perfect decision" David Rudder

So I made it! After a few days of travelling I was in Trinidad! My buddy met me at the airport and as I drove on to the highway West towards the capital my soul was singing!  Have you ever heard your soul singing? It is like a cross between Whitney Houston, David Rudder, George Benson and Luther! pure pure class tunes and then I knew then and there that I'm here and I just made a perfect decision! A Course in Miracles says " I must have chosen wrongly because I am not at peace" well! I have chosen correctly!
I have no clue about where I will live, work, move nothing! All I know is that I feel joy! sounds crazy doesn't it?

I am off to Houston tomorrow for 15 days and then I am back and that's where all the fun begins

Let me take this moment to wish each and every one of you an awesome season filled with joy, fun, laughter and peace! Thank you with all the love my heart can hold for the time we spent together on this journey!
I pray that you stay with me as I start a new one!


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