There is wisdom in uncertainty

Without any conditions, that is unconditionally, accept every gift that enters your sacred space.  Look for the opportunity as it presents itself in the wisdom of the uncertainty and in the wisdom of the insecurity that you find yourself in. Marianne Willamson

How can uncertainty and insecurity have wisdom in it? Well that is a question I asked myself when I read the above quote and let me tell you, it is the law, when you ask the Universe a question it responds! you may not like the answer but it will definitely answer you! Take it or leave it!

So I heard as clear as day. Did you know where you were going to live when you were invited to Uganda? 
Did you know what the experience would be here in this country?
And did you acquire wisdom on this journey?
So what's the problem?
We place so much value on knowing and being in control. Newsflash! we don't know everything and the only thing we can control is our thoughts! So with that in mind, get comfortable with uncertainty. successful people find some comfort in uncertainty because they know that there is not everything that  one knows!

I think that's enough for me!


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