Intuition is morse code delivered to the soul

Intuition is morse code privately delivered to the soul. Some messages are delivered simply for the receiver to know. Natalie Stewart (My favourite floacist)

How big a part does your intuition, your gut feeling contribute to decisions you make? I have learnt that my gut instinct, my intuition, is truly divine guidance! Yesterday we were chatting about the way forward on this project, since the debacle that occurred with the theft and fraud we have been focusing on learning the lessons to avoid repeating it in the future. An investor from Scandinavia contacted us and showed interest in the project, so much so that they are here now. Yesterday we were discussing the proposal and all and every type of scenario was put forward on how we can partner with them and just like that she said “My gut says to do this, and that is what will be done” If we followed our instincts before then we may not even have had to make these decisions so that is what will happen!

I smiled and said, let’s do it!

1st. Imagine. 2nd have faith. 3rd believe. Always. Follow your gut


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