Make it a powerful positive force

When people are critical of you, sincerely thank them. They have just given you a valuable perspective which can help you to become even more effective. In the moments when frustration comes, feel the intense energy that comes with it. Transform that energy into determination, and make it a powerful, positive force. Ralph Marston

If its one thing I have learnt on this journey is to give up the judgment! It takes practice because I automatically associate things as good and bad and right and wrong but one of my teachers told me, child, it just is!

People are who they are and do what they do whether you like it or agree with them! We each have different lessons to learn, we all take a different path to our lesson, there are times when someone's path will cross your path and cause you to stumble and fall.
That does not make them wrong, and that doesn't make you right!
The only things that a judgment does is distract you from what it is YOU MUST DO FOR YOURSELF


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