Don't let yourself be stopped by what might not even happen

When you set out on an ambitious path, there are plenty of things that might go wrong. Prepare yourself to deal with those possible pitfalls, but don’t allow them to become excuses even before they become reality.

Don’t let yourself be stopped by what might not even happen. Rather, let yourself be pushed forward by the positive value of what you intend to achieve, to experience, to create. Ralph Marston

Went to the venue yesterday and was like OMG! this thing is really happening, nearly peed myself! Seriously, it got that intense! In one day's time the book will be launched in Trinidad and then yea, I guess its on like boil corn as we say here!

I'm pretty darn nervous, I guess being away, or in Africa it seemed a bit remote or far away but now its all real! So here goes, I suit up, show up and own it!
Wish me luck


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