Heights of Aripo

Every moment of every day you have the ability to set something new in motion, wake up and do a new thing!

One the road in Trini again! This time I headed to the Heights of Aripo. It was my first time in this village. Absolutely stunning, surrounded by rivers and hills and contains the highest peak in the twin island republic.
I was supposed to do a training session within this rural community. I must say they really treat you like family in the rural areas, lunch, breakfast, everything just like homestyle!

I applaud these communities for the desire to be self sustainable, to be the ones who want to take the community forward, to stay rather than to "head to the City" for a better life!

Thanks to this community for today, a nice nice training se...ssion! And the other lesson? It is not in the doing. It’s not what you do it’s who you are! and if you are doing anything it is because you can become something the doing isn’t about the doing its about who you become. Catch that! Its not about the ritual, the giving , the feeding the poor, blah blah blah it’s who you become! Peace!!



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