To Russia with Love!

We seem to prefer our pain over risking something new; at least we know how to suffer, and we are oddly afraid that we won't know how to function if we are happy. But we don't really want suffering; how could we? How could anyone? Our will, in truth, is happiness. ACIM
I noticed that many times I try to avoid pain rather than go for then joy, you know what I mean? I look at the options and say what would cause me the least pain and that's what I would do! Less risk, less out of the comfort zone but now I decided listen I'm going for what makes me happy, taking the risks and just bloody happy! And that's all! There will be lessons on the way, as they say where I'm from "ah ready"

So I'm off to Russia, see you in a few days, when I land I will check in and say hey!!!
Still on a high from the Trinidad book launch, so much love, so much support, so much old and new friends!! thank you everyone!!!
Ah gone until Monday!!



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