Trini's everywhere!

Its been a few days of travelling and settling in and moving around. Moscow is pretty, and COLD!! I have been having some really long days, all part of the journey right! Fell right back into the solo vibes, I actually missed it, gives me time to think and reflect!
In the airport, the first person talked to me asked "Are you from Trinidad?" I got pretty excited and blurted out yes yes! Do you know it? He said of course I am Trini! No way!!!!! How did you spot me? I just saw a Caribbean Airlines tag on your hand luggage! Oh! So we chatted a bit, he lives out here working in the oil fields of Siberia, he told me for December it was -54degrees! I told him that is a morgue! It was a nice welcome to Moscow, then he disappeared and that was that!

Another long day learning about crowd sourcing, new trends in youth entrepreneurship and wrapping up warm!

Peace out!


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