Getting out of the Square

Decide to rise to explore your place in the universe.  Danielle La Porte

Ok well I wish that I can say Moscow got warmer but nope, it got colder!! And how amazing is this? I wanted to go home and sleep during lunch, somehow I start feeling tired around lunch, still adjusting to the time difference. I come out the building and police like peas! Well golly what is really going on here? I don’t know, they don’t speak much English, all I know is that they want to search my bag and frisk me and I can’t pass in front the Kremlin to go home and sleep! I walk further and then people like peas! I ask what’s going on. ( to a few people) would you believe there was a rally celebrating Crimea being included as part of Russia and the president was giving a speech? Well blow me down with a feather I start to walk faster! I am in the middle of Red Square on a historic day! And honestly all I want to do is get warm, get inside and watch it from a far!!

The police are super professional, they handle the crowds really well and look at the chocolate chip in the cookie (me) curiously as they notice that I want out! They help me leave and I thank them

So much for working after lunch because trust me, I ain’t going back outside!!!




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