What is for you is for you! End of!!!

Don't worry about losing. If it is right, it happens - the main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away."    - John Steinbeck, author.

What’s the rush? What’s the anxiety? What’s the impatience? Haven’t your folks ever asked you that growing up? Now I get it! And only because of doing the work and the experiences! What is for you is for you!! End of!!!

When you rush, get anxious, be impatient trust me you are blocking the blessings and sending a signal to the Universe that you either don’t trust it or you aren’t ready!

What is for you is for you! End of!

And yes maybe you have been working hard, been probably praying hard, and watching other people getting through before you but hey that’s all part of the process, when your thoughts, words and actions are out of alignment the thing that you are working, praying longing for either never shows up or takes longer than you want it to take! Newsflash, you really aren’t in control!

So here’s the thing, do the work, have the faith, speak it into existence and surrender how it is “supposed” to look!

Told myself this in the mirror this morning!! Thought I would share!



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